Maravision trades on fresh and frozen seafood sourced in the Pacific North West of North America. With many years of domestic and international procurement experience we pride ourselves on understanding seafood and people. The people in each country have a very distinct way of doing business, understanding this allows for an easy and more profitable experience.  With our in depth understanding of the quality and sustainability of each species we sell with pride.


Maravision has a list of strategic partners Worldwide who are a primary sources of raw material and value added products.  We connect you directly with the Farm, the Boat Group, and the Processing plant.  Maravision works as an extension of the supplier and will stick through the whole process including addressing all claims and concerns (if there are any).


Maravision has extensive knowledge and experience in the seafood rendering business. By maximizing the full utilization of the inherent ingredients in the whole animal Maravision is able to get processors more money for their product while reducing waste and conserving the environment. The list of processing patents can be seen in the patents section of this webpage. If you would like any more information on any of these processes please e-mail us at


Maravision is partnered with one of the most modern processing plants in North America. We can process all varieties of filleted and portioned products.